About Us_ 

Founded & Managed by Dong Xiaojing

[ Always do all possible to get the best result ]

II started D&K Group in 2009 year (now our name is Dixi Group). From this time till now, I've been learning how to do my best to make our customers happy.

DiXi Group International Co. Limited (before use name D&K Group International Co. Limited) is a team of professionals that offers infinite opportunities. We work a hard and get things done. We take full advantage of modern technologies which allows us to minimize expenses. We are not limited geographically, although our main office is located in the South of China (in Shenzhen - the most dynamic city in the world).

The company started in 2009 and has already managed to participate in many projects. The largest project took 2 years: we equipped a new shopping mall "Piter-Raduga" (in Saint Petersburg, Russia) by LED products and LED screens.

[ Why should you work with us ]

- we make calculations of your projects for free;

- we flexibly adapt to any task;

- we work officially, having registration in China (including Hong Kong) and Russia;

- our staff speaks Chinese, English, Russian, French and Polish languages;

- we follow the rule: " in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you".